Himalaya's Head

Himalaya's Head

Himalaya's Head is an interactive multi user installation about mismatches between images on the retina and head movements. Participants experience that things don't seem to happen in a normal pace because the natural balance between their action and feedback is lost.

The audience wears a lightweight head beacon with infrared leds, which are captured by a camera hanging above them. The computer uses this information to calculate the head positions and direct a 3d world and its dynamic 3d objects.

Each participant gets control over one snowball, which reacts to their head movements, giving them the sensation of floating through the landscape themselves. But the snowballs move and react in such a way, that it feels as if the air is thick and dense.

Himalaya's Head was shown at

  • Homo Ludens Ludens, LABoral 2008, Gíjon, Spain.
  • Espacio Cultural El Tanque 2007, Tenerife, Spain
  • Computational Aesthetics, Banff Centre 2007, Banff, Canada.
  • 5th International Image Festival 2007, Manizales- Caldas, Colombia.
  • Gaming realities, Medi@terra 2006, Athens, Greece.
  • State of the Image 2006, Arnhem, Netherlands.
  • ACM SIGCHI ACE (art exhibition) 2006, Los Angeles, USA.
  • NICOGRAPH International 2006, Seoul, Korea.
  • CeC & CaC 2006, New Delhi, India.
  • Silver Lake Film Festival 2006, LACE Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.
  • Theatrum Anatomicum, Waag Society 2005, Amsterdam, NL.